Updating the Shop

Every time I need to find something, I end up digging through at least a dozen boxes. (Ah the joys of having everything you own packed up in your mother-in-law’s garage!) I’ve found a few little books left over from back when I used to sell them at the Artistree Co-op in Orlando, so I decided to list them in the Etsy shop!

Tomorrow we are going to see more houses, and Shaun has a job interview at 3:00! I might end up driving around town tomorrow after the interview, just to explore a little and see if I can figure out all these new streets. I’m thinking Goodwill needs a visit :)

One thought on “Updating the Shop

  1. Oh, you wouldn't want to let the Goodwill down by not going! *shudders*

    You should put a quarter next to one of those books to show the size.

    So, you went back and picked up all of your books from the store then?

    I would hope so! I'd hate to think you lost that investment of time and

    good paper! *grin*