Etsy Love

1. True Love Ring by Amy Cornwell
I will own this ring someday. I even got a ring sizer (from some random diamond resale website) so I could order the right size. Now I just need to save up my allowance!

2. “le honey badger” Notebook by le animale
“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.” Now THERE is a saying to live by!

3. Rap Shark Brooch by Nicola Clare
This rapping shark just makes me smile. Word.

4. Bunny, Bear and Fox Brooch PDF Pattern by Gingermelon
I want to buy this pattern and make a million of them! Seriously adorable.

5. Boho Leather Belt Pouch by Dear Bones
I really want a belt pouch. Don’t ask me why. And this one is dreamy.

6. Wee Thee Gnomes by The Tiny House
I would cover a whole Christmas tree in these cute little guys!