Seven Months

This little seven month old stud is such a ladies man. Everywhere we go, every woman within 20 feet has to stop and come get some Flynn lovin. Just look at those big handsome eyes! And that fuzzy blonde hair, I could die he’s so cute. Cuteness overload. And he knows it too. He’s all, whatever come kiss me. He’s been sleeping really well through the night lately, just waking up once for a quick feed. (Which is great compared to his typical 3 or 4 times!) He sure does love to eat. It’s fun feeding him solids because he just sits in his chair and eats. When Juniper was his age, feeding her was an EVENT. (A very messy one.) He’s a pretty serious guy, he saves his giggles for when he really means it! Juniper is the best at getting him to laugh, he thinks she’s the funniest person ever.

Speaking of Juniper. She is WONDERFUL. Man I love that girl so much. I love having conversations with her. Real conversations, that don’t involve animal noises. (Well, most of the time they do.) It’s so crazy to think she’s almost 3 already. I’m starting to plan a little birthday celebration, and she’s been giving me her input which is so fun. She wants a “sparkly rainbow princess” birthday party. It’s going to be awesome. (Shaun says “I’m so glad we have a boy now too…”)

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