{restyle} Dress Pants for my Lil’ Mister

I’ve been meaning to share this project for a few weeks now, and I finally got around to getting these pictures together. We went to a family wedding at the beginning of the month and I wanted to sew something cute for the kids to wear, but that was back when all of our stuff was in boxes in my mother-in-law’s garage, so I didn’t get as much sewing done as I wanted. But I DID make these cute slacks for my little man!

Perfect for playing with cousins at birthday parties or crawling around after a relaxing morning at church. Is that sweater vest not the cutest thing ever?? I got it for a dollar. I need to make him some more pants. They’re so easy to sew, and with the cooler weather coming he could definitely use some. I was putting away some laundry and I realized that my kids’ shorts to pants ratio is extremely tailored to living in Florida. We all need a Missouri wardrobe makeover!

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