Little Orange Notebook

Do you know what happens when you take a stressful day, add a couple of fussy kids and a failed external hard drive? A small emotional breakdown. And do you know what you get once the tears are finished flowing? A calmness and reassurance that things will work out the way they are supposed to. Just like they always do.

And just so this doesn’t turn into a pity post, I’m going to share a little peek at something that makes me happy. This little orange notebook.

This is the notebook I used in college to write notes, jot down ideas, organize my creative process and doodle random pictures of stick figures doing the happy dance. It’s crazy in there! Most of the time I don’t even remember why I wrote certain things down. Like the page that says in all caps “DRAW A SHARK WITH FEET!”. No idea. And some of my very best advice to myself is contained in here:

So tomorrow is another day, and hopefully a better one. At least I can rest assured in knowing that this little orange notebook will never disappear forever if my hard drive decides to die on me.

2 thoughts on “Little Orange Notebook

  1. I love the little elephant! He's so cute! I think I need a poster that says "Don't waste money on stupid stuff." *sigh* I've got to tighten my belt till I get that second job.

  2. P.S. Is he whispering sweet nothings into his own ear? Dang. I wish I could do that. My ear has not had sweet nothings whispered into it in WAY too long!