{Recipe} Smores Bark

We have had an unusually high amount of chocolate around here lately, with the holidays and all. After we made peppermint bark last week I was in a chocolate melting mood, and we had some mini marshmallows leftover from Juniper’s birthday party so I thought I’d make some smores bark! Seemed like a good idea. (Turns out it was.)

For some reason my photos all turned out to be a weird color… so ignore the cruddy photography and focus on the yummy, chocolatey, marshmallow goodness.

1. Poor a handful of marshmallows into a pan. Stick them in the oven at 350 for a few minutes until they are nice and soft.
2. Use a spoon to spread the melted chocolate around.
3. Sprinkle mini marshmallows on top of the bottom layer of chocolate and pour on MORE chocolate. (Never a bad thing, right?) Stick it back in the oven.
4. While that is getting nice and melty, crush up some graham crackers. Be sure to break a hole in the bag and make a crumbly mess.
4. You’ll also want to make sure to mislabel your graphics. Once it’s all melty, smoosh it around with a spoon and make a goopy mess. It will look TERRIBLE at this point. Just trust me, it will be yummy. Sprinkle your grahams cracker crumbs and push them down into the chocolate with a spoon.
6. Put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. When it is hardened completely, pry it off the pan (Mine popped off easily with help from a butter knife.) Break into pieces and enjoy!

So good. This batch will be coming with us tomorrow when we visit family for Christmas. Is Christmas really already tomorrow?? I have been a gift-making-maniac lately. Hence the silence on this here blog. I didn’t want to share anything or I’d ruin the surprise! But boy have I got lots of projects to share with you once this holiday weekend is over. (And I promise not ALL of them involve chocolate.)