Christmas Love

Oh Christmas, how do I love thee. I love the lights, decorations and yummy treats. I love the challenge of finding that perfect gift for loved ones. I love spending time laughing and playing with family. I love starting new traditions. And most of all, I love that Christmas represents the most amazing gift ever given to men, our savior Jesus Christ.

I (semi) successfully made my very first silicone mold, with which I made a few of these lovely ornaments. I gave some as gifts, and kept this one for myself. I sculpted this last year, so I am excited to finally see it finished. (I never painted it because I wanted to make a mold eventually.) My nativity collection has grown quite a bit this year.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Love

  1. I love it! Great job! You're going to teach me how to make molds now, right? Please! Please! I like your nativity collection!

    • I'll do a post about it sometime :)

      I actually just bought another really pretty nativity. Like I needed one more! (Yes, I did, and many more after that lol) It was 75% off at Kohls I couldn't resist.