Nine Months

Guess who is nine months old now? (Well, this post is a few days late but whatever) It’s funny how when you are pregnant, nine months seems like FOREVER, but after the baby is born it seems like no time at all. Flynn is one extremely curious little guy. He is far too interested in exploring to sit and have his picture taken. He enjoyed his first Christmas very much, lots of wrapping paper to tear up and try to eat. He is FAST. It’s ridiculous how quickly he can crawl around the house. Any time he gets even remotely near the stairs, his big sister grabs his leg and drags him around the living room. (Which he loves, of course!)

He is definitely not a little baby anymore. I miss newborn Flynn and all his sweet cuddles, but nine month old Flynn sure is an awesome little guy. I can’t wait to meet grown up Flynn and see what kind of man he turns out to be. (I’m kidding, I can TOTALLY wait.)

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