Knitting With Juniper

A few weeks ago I decided to try and reteach myself how to knit. I had big dreams of knitting up some beautiful fair isle Christmas stockings. (Maybe someday.) After a good hour of yelling at my yarn and getting laughed at by my wonderful husband, Juniper decided to show me how its done.


So what DID I manage to knit? A long strip! Woohoo! So what do you do with a long strip of pink, knitting yarn? Why, make a hair bow of course! Because really, what girl couldn’t use more hair bows? I won’t get to wear it much though, since Juniper claimed it for herself.. I guess she DID help make it. :)


Speaking of hair bows. I just found this image on my laptop that I never shared. I need to come up with some cuter ways to wear my hair. Shorter hair is annoyingly hard to style… Pony tails are getting boring. Any fun suggestions?

8 thoughts on “Knitting With Juniper

  1. I love the pink hair bow, so cute! I have short hair and know what you mean. And my hair grows slow! I can't wait for it to be long again… There are a few blogs I read that have easy hair styles, I'll have to send them your way :)

    • Yeah I cut my hair off a few months ago and I've since regretted it. It's finally starting to feel a little longer, I've just got to not chop it all off again!