{DIY} Twiggy Heart Part 1

I’ve got a little crafty DIY for you today! I love crafting with things found in nature, because going outside and collecting it is half the fun! (AND it’s free, so that’s a bonus too.)

So get out there, collect some sticks, and let’s get started.

1. You will need: A large piece of paper, a marker, scissors, a wire cutter (or some other heavy duty cutting device), embroidery thread (any strong string will do) and LOTS of sticks.

2. Draw a big heart on your piece of paper. This will be your template. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. (Juniper wanted to help with the drawing.)

3. Your going to cut the sticks and line them up inside of your heart template. Once again, don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, I ended up trimming my sticks again later anyway.

4. Keep going until you fill in your entire heart template.

5. Take your marker and draw a line across ALL of your sticks, right across the middle of the heart. This will make it easier to line them up when you start to tie them.

6. Tie all of the sticks together with your embroidery thread. Double knot the first stick, and then single knot the rest, all the way across the heart.

I didn’t take any pictures of the rest of the tying process… But basically, once you tie all of the sticks together, weave the thread around the sticks. It’s pretty simple. See?

I did this same thing three times in different spots on the heart to add stability. And while I was working on it I decided that the messier the better. (Ok, so maybe this was my way of accepting perfection-defeat.)

And there you have it! A pretty twiggy heart! You can hang it like this, but I have a little more in mind for mine. Like most things in life, it could use a little more color :)

One thought on “{DIY} Twiggy Heart Part 1

  1. *runs outside for twigs*

    Wait! What's that on my wall?

    Twigs! I think I shall finally cut my curtain rod!

    (since your Mom gave me a wrought iron one)

    *takes boots and coat back off*