365 Days Outside > 7-13

Day 7
Walks are a big hit around here. Juniper loves to push Flynn in the stroller, and he loves driving around! We went all around today and collected lots of sticks and rocks to paint.

Day 8
We were visiting Oma so we took Trevor for a walk after lunch. Juniper even got some mail!

Day 9
Today was another nice day, but it is starting to get colder again, so Juniper helped Dad collect fire wood.

Day 10
While I was at work Dad took the kids out for a walk, which turned into a “Garbage Finding Expedition”. Juniper told me ALL about it when I got home.

Day 11
It was getting dark when I got home from work, so we just sat on the deck for a quick picnic snack.

Day 12
Snow day!! We had fun as a family outside today, playing in the new snow. It was SO COLD!!! And super windy!

Day 13
Juniper and I built a “snowmoundman” on the back deck today.

2 thoughts on “365 Days Outside > 7-13

  1. Hey! Snow men come in all shapes and sizes.

    I think he's adorable!

    Did any of your sticks end up as fire wood

    or did you use them all for craft purposes?