Doll Heads

I met an elderly woman at church recently named Laura. She is AMAZING. She is the regional coordinator for the church’s humanitarian efforts, and her house is FULL of crafts. Last week I helped her sew some bucket hats for cancer patients, and this week she asked me to help out with these little “burrito dolls” as she called them.

She gave me a box of doll heads, and I got to draw cute little faces on them. (All 82 of them!) The bodies, which are simple little pillows with blankets attached to them, are already finished and waiting for their heads. These dolls will be put in toy packages delivered to orphanages. Aren’t they cute?

I’m glad I met Laura, I really enjoy crafting for a good cause. One of my birthday goals this year was to do one act of service each month, and Laura will definitely help me reach that goal! Speaking of good causes, who wants to get together for craft night SOON and make Valentine’s Day cards for Etsy’s Share Your Love 2012??

2 thoughts on “Doll Heads

  1. I LOVE the little doll faces! They're so cute! I'd love to see one of the dolls finished though. Your description has me confused. *grin*