365 Days Outside > 14-19

Day 14
Today we made a surprise for Daddy in our back yard. When he looks outside in the morning he will know how much we love him.

Day 15
Our snowman is officially the only snow left in our yard. Well, accept the tiny spots of snow here and there that Juniper insisted we take pictures of.

Day 16
Oh my goodness was it beautiful outside today! It got up to 70! We took a nice long walk around the neighborhood.

Day 17
Another cold, cold day. Today we stayed inside and made a bird feeder with sticks, peanut butter, and bird seeds.

Day 18
We hung up our bird feeder today. Then we sprinkled the rest of the bird seed in the back yard and played on the porch for a while with Juniper’s beloved ponies.

Day 19
It was so so cold and windy today that instead of going outside, we sat in front of the back door and ate a snack while we counted the trees and played I Spy.