Ten Months

The difference between nine months and ten months is pretty incredible. This little mister has FOUR teeth now, can stand up on his own and loves chasing his sister around the house with his walker toy. It’s been a busy month! My favorite thing right now is how excited he is to see me when I get home from work. His little face just lights up. Of course, if I don’t start feeding him within 30 seconds that smile quickly turns into crying. He’s still nursing like a champ (The teeth have made that interesting) and he loves eating solids. His favorite food is noodles, but he IS a kid of course. He also likes rice and beans, and strawberries.

Only two more months until he is a year old… {sigh} I’ve already started thinking about a miniature birthday celebration for my miniature man. I love him.

One thought on “Ten Months

  1. He's so adorable! It looks like his feet are almost as big as Junipers! (last photo – that's hers, right?) Does that mean he'll be tall? Ha! Ha! Ha! You know, like a puppy with big feet will be a big dog? *snickers*