Every time I make cupcakes, my brother’s girlfriend tells me she wants one. The only thing is, she lives 1000 miles away! So I decided to make a special batch just for her and I include them in the Christmas package I sent home. (Last week… yes I am a huge slacker! At least it’s not June!)

I think they turned out super cute. Juniper helped with the sprinkles, of course. She’s my official sprinkle sprinkler. Kim was kind enough to send me this BEAUTIFUL photo of what the cupcakes looked like when she got them. Pretty much exactly what I was expecting!! Oh man, this photo makes me laugh so hard.. Sorry Kim, it’s the thought that counts right?

2 thoughts on “Cupcakes

    • Cupcakes in jars are super cute! I secretly hoped these were less than cute when they got there, that way whenever anyone else asks me to mail them a cupcake I can show them these :)