365 Days Outside > 20-24

Day 20
Today we drew on our driveway wall with sidewalk chalk and ate a yummy orange. (Juniper insisted we bring the orange with us.)

Day 21
Bubbles! The perfect way to spend a little time outside on a chilly day.

Day 22
It was a beautiful day today. We played in the front yard for a while and I climbed a tree. (Juniper took that photo!) Then we checked the mail and there were stickers!

Day 23
Bubbles are the big hit this week. Especially since Juniper is only allowed to play with them outside. Flynn watched from inside, he really wanted to join in on the fun.

Day 24
We almost didn’t go outside today, but then at bedtime it started snowing so of course we HAD to go outside instead! (I couldn’t find any better shoes haha)

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