365 Days Outside > 25-30

Day 25
Juniper got to play in the snow on the deck while I sat inside with a grumpy Mr. Macaroni-n-cheese-face. We were a little disappointed that it didn’t snow more.

Day 26
After church we played frisbee outside with Dad. We were surprised how nice it was outside, there was only a tiny bit of snow left.

Day 27
We got a little crafty outside today and made a fairy garden, complete with tiny house, pebble walkway and lots of random plants.

Day 28
Today was perfect weather to hang out on the deck and look at the clouds. We also played quite a bit in the yard.

Day 29
Another perfect day to be outside. We did a lot of exploring in the back yard today while Flynn took his afternoon nap.

Day 30
It was rainy today (very, very rainy) but we didn’t let that stop us from having a few minutes of outside fun. Puddles are for jumping in! Poor Flynn wanted so much to come out too.