A Pretty Floral Dress

Juniper and I went through my fabric last weekend. I attempted to organize it, and she played with each piece. Some of them became princess dresses, some forts, and one became a baby that she carried around for almost an hour. (Oh my goodness have I got a funny story about that!) I, of course, decided that instead of organizing the fabric, I would sew a little something instead. A pretty new dress for Juniper seemed like the perfect project for the evening!

I’ve had this floral fabric in my stash forever. I don’t even remember when I bought it. (I DID buy it which is kind of amazing since I almost never allow myself to buy new fabric.) I’m so glad I finally cut it up and made something pretty from it. And Juniper loves her new dress, as usual. Photographing a three year old can sure be entertaining. Lots of twirling and cheesy faces involved.

Ok.. so the funny story. Because really, I can’t mention it and NOT share. Right?

So Juniper had this red fabric all bundled up in a ball, and she had been carrying it around for a while like a baby. She would put it down for naps and change its diaper. Then she comes over to me and says, “The baby is hungry! I fa feed it! I fa feed it with mine boob.” (She adds ‘fa’ into her sentences all the time, I love it for some reason.) I about died when she said that, but it got even better when she lifted up her shirt and said with a look of disappointment, “Oh… I not have a boob. Here you feed it with yours boob.” How I ever stopped laughing I can’t figure out. :)

3 thoughts on “A Pretty Floral Dress

    • They will most definitely be as funny and crazy cute as mine! (Well, maybe not as cute, but I'm biased LOL) Can't wait to meet your little guy someday :)

  1. You can tell her that Aunty Gramma sympathizes. *snickers* That's a pretty hysterical story. She's going to kill you if you tell that to her boyfriends though. Just a thought, fa something to keep in mind fa the future!