365 Days Outside > 31-36

This week wasn’t such a great week, but we still managed to only miss one day of going outside. (Sticking Juniper on the deck with some bubble soap totally counts.) But missing one day has been the norm around here. Sometimes on really bad weeks we miss two days. It’s not really about going outside every. single. day. It’s more about having fun and being more active. I am SO EXCITED for spring to come though!!!! We are going to have some fun when it warms up!

Day 31
Feeding the birds has become one of our favorite outside activities. I typically give Juniper a bowl of bird seed, which she sprinkles all over the backyard. (She is wearing a dress that I am in the process of making her. I’ll take legit photos soon!)

Day 32
Oh how we love bubbles. Flynn even got to come hang out with us since it wasn’t too cold.

Day 33
Juniper got to hang out with Daddy today. They played frisbee and started cleaning up the yard.

Day 34
I had absolutely no motivation to go outside today, because I had been feeling sick and tired all day. But we made a new bird feeder out of some sticks and a grapefruit. (I got the idea on Pinterest, of course. Originally from Amber Dusick.)

Day 35
I stayed home sick from work today, so during Flynn’s nap I sent Juniper outside to help Daddy clean up the yard. We also had fun watching the birds enjoy their new feeder.

Day 36
Another cold, windy day with me being sick…. Stick a girl on the deck with some bubble soap and she’s as happy as a bird with a french fry. (Especially with her new bubble toys.)