Escape Proof Pajamas


A couple weeks ago I got a pretty funny request for some escape proof pajamas. My sweet little niece likes to takes her clothes off and play with her diaper, and it’s smelly contents! We like to encourage artistic expression, but needless to say, my sister was getting tired of cleaning up THAT mess. (Juniper pulled that stunt once and it was epic indeed! I should have taken a picture…) Miss Juniper was kind enough to model the pajamas for me. She had just woken up, hence the lovely hairdo. But it works.

I sort of made these up as I went along, using some of Juniper’s pajamas as a template. They zip up the back, and have a button closure at the top. I had some leftover fabric so I decided to sew a little bear to match. Well, it was supposed to be a bear, but it looks more like a hamster/bear/rabbit/pig/man thing. Whatever it is, Juniper was pretty sad that she didn’t get to keep it! So I’ll probably be making another.


My sister posted a cute video of Miss Piper dancing around in her new pajamas. She apparently has names the doll “Mermaid”, which I think is hilarious! Which reminds me, remember those frog dolls I made for Shaun’s cousins? Well, Jacob named his Dracula! Kids are so funny.


I’m sharing this post over on iheartnaptime. Now I’m off to check out all the other fun projects!

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