365 Days Outside > 37-41

Day 37
Snow day! It’s always exciting to wake up to a snowy yard.

Day 38
The snow looked like it was going to melt by the end of the day, so before I left for work Juniper and I went outside and built a snowman. I’m glad we did because the snow was ALL gone when I got home!

Day 39
I bought a package of tiny plastic dinosaurs at Target for a dollar. They were a huge hit. Of course they were, they’re dinosaurs!

Day 40
Dad took the kids outside today for a little bit while I was at work. They played with what was left of the snowman and Flynn most likely ate a bunch of leaves.

Day 41
What a pretty day today was! We went exploring in the wooded area behind our house. Juniper and I sat on a log and listened for animals, (We apparently saw an elephant and some tigers!) and then we played in the tiny river running through our yard.

2 thoughts on “365 Days Outside > 37-41

  1. Are those bunny ears or puppy ears on her coat? They're cute.

    Is that a zucchini for a nose? Nice snowman.

    Dinosaurs! Yay! How fun!

    Flynn is out there BAREFOOT? EEEK!

    I want a cute little river. Can I have a cute little river?

    • Bunny ears. The coat is kind of boring, with the addition of those ears it's super cute!
      We were out of carrots :)
      We love plastic dinos! They're the best.
      Shaun brought them outside, so he's lucky he's even wearing pants…
      I love our little river! I'll mail you a little river hahaha