Eleven Months

It seems like I was just writing a ten month old post, can my baby really already be eleven months old? He is growing up so fast, but I love that he still cuddles in my arms like a little baby. As much as I wish he would start sleeping through the night, I secretly love his sleepy baby cuddles once I get him to fall back to sleep. Lately he has only been waking up three times, occasionally though he’ll have a bad night and wake up six or seven times… And then I am a zombie the whole next day!

Flynn is starting to play games, which is of course adorable. He likes to play hide and seek, look through books, and climb. And he LOVES when you crawl with him around the house. He’s fast! Tonight he took a few steps. I don’t think he’ll be fully walking any time soon though, he is perfectly content with crawling everywhere and that is fine with me.

His little smile melts my heart. I love this little boy so much. One more month until his birthday. ?

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