365 Days Outside > 42-49

Day 42
Juniper helped me with a quick spray paint job today! It was so cold we kept running back into the house to warm up our fingers in between sprays.

Day 43
Today was a lovely day. We spent our time outside exploring the back yard and rolling down the hill. (I had so much fun teaching that little game to Juniper!)

Day 44
Today we went for a walk. It ended up being a lot chillier than we were expecting, so it was a short walk. Juniper didn’t want to come back in the house so I let her stay on the deck and blow bubbles.

Day 45
Juniper and Dad worked a little more on clearing up the back yard while I took pictures of my handsome little Flynn since he is 11 months old now! After Dad went to work, the kids and I took a really nice long walk around the block to make up for yesterday’s sad attempt at taking a walk. (That picture of Juniper putting her coat on cracks me up!)

Day 46
Another chilly day, but just right for spending a little time playing on the deck. I thought the sky was so pretty. Of course my neighbors probably thing I’m some kind of creeper.

Day 47
This evening was super annoying, because it was BEAUTIFUL outside while I was at work, but when we went to go for a walk it had gotten super windy and cold. So instead we sat in front of the window, watched the trees blow in the wind and ate burritos. (Yummy!)

Day 48
So cold and so windy! Which of course means we had to make sure the birdies had enough food. Feeding the birds has become one of our favorite things. And that enormous bag of bird seed for less than $5 has made for months of entertainment. It was definitely worth it!

Day 49
It started out pretty chilly today but ended up being quite nice outside. We just romped around in the yard kicking leaves and looking at rocks. And look what we found growing in our front yard! Spring is coming and we are so excited! It will be fun seeing what plants grow in our new yard!

One thought on “365 Days Outside > 42-49

  1. I love the picture of her poking her bunny / puppy ear. Too cute! Does she throw her coat in the air to put it on? Hilarious face! Flynn is adorable. One of the best things about having a new house is finding out what plants you'll have! (the surprise ones especially!) (unless they're obnoxious!)