One Year!

Today is my sweet little man’s first birthday! I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this guy. I’ve been trying to come up with something special to write for his birthday post, you know, because someday he might get to read this. But all I can think about is how much I love him. He is such a mamas boy, and I hope he always is. Someday he’s going to be too much of a man to give me kisses and it’s going to make my heart cry. (So future Flynn, if you ARE reading this: go kiss your mama!)

He is starting to be more comfortable on his feet, and will walk short distances. I love watching him and Juniper play together. I always jump in and say “Juniper be careful with baby Flynn!” but then I realize that he is laughing hysterically and climbing all over her as well. They’re adorable together. He loves to play chase and hide, and to help me pull all of his clothes out of his dresser. (All of everyone’s clothes out of all the dressers more like it.) If I ever can’t find him, chances are he is hiding in some random corner opening and closing a box over and over. And over. For some reason he really likes to open and close things. And he makes the absolute funniest faces! I love it!!

We kept the celebrations simple and had family over for dinner and cupcakes. It was such a fun evening, I love having loved ones in our home. Flynn was pretty excited about all of his new toys. (Juniper was pretty excited about them too.) He loves his new drum, and Oma got him a toy train ball popper that he likes to push around the living room. My personal favorite gift was this Birthday Keepsake Book. We have one for Juniper as well, and I just adore them. I think every mom should get one on their baby’s first birthday.

I made Flynn his very own tiny cake, which he promptly used to paint my table. Not much of it made it into his mouth (he was pretty full from dinner!) but it sure was fun watching him go wild. At one point he started ripping up napkins and mashing the bits and pieces into the cake mess. Full on destruction mode. Priceless.

For his invitations I made this adorable origami shirt and printed the information on a little tie. I only made one and printed up a couple more in case anyone wanted a keepsake. I just love how it turned out though.