365 Days Outside > 65-71

Day 65
Today was a perfect day for watermelon. (Followed by bath time of course.)
365 Days Outside

Day 66
After church today we spent some time playing in the front yard. Now that the trees in front are starting to get leaves, there is lots of lovely shade.
365 Days Outside

Day 67
We stuck a piece of wood on the deck so we don’t have to worry about Flynn falling down the stairs. So now we can leave the back door open and let both kids play whenever they want. It’s nice when I’m trying to clean the kitchen or make dinner.

Day 68
Rain. Rain. Rain. It’s been rainy all week! Of course, we like rainy days because that means there are lots of puddles to jump in.
365 Days Outside

Day 69
Juniper played ball outside with Daddy today while Flynn and I played with the rocks. He’s getting much better about not trying to eat them.
365 Days Outside

Day 70
This morning Opa came over and helped Dad trim up the trees in our yard. Later on, between rain showers, we worked on clearing up the trimmings. Juniper played with Flynn’s new boat in our tiny river and we collected some flowers to bring inside.
365 Days Outside

Day 71
Dad and Juniper went for a walk this morning while we were waiting for Oma to come visit. Later on we all sat in the front yard and played ball some more.
365 Days Outside