The Bleubird Family

Sometimes I see a photograph and I automatically think, ‘I need to draw that!’. That was definitely the case when I saw this beautiful family picture on the Bleubird Vintage blog. All of the photos from their wedding are beautiful, but this one of them all together is just so lovely. I just had to draw it. Don’t they all look so happy?

I love the Bluebird blog, her posts are always so inspiring. They’re family outfit shots are great, they always look like they are having such a fun time. If you have never checked this blog out, I highly suggest it. (Of course, you probably have. Who hasn’t?)

I had some help taking photos of this drawing :)

Tomorrow I have a crafty date! I’m super excited. Because 1. It’s a crafty date, and 2. It’s giving me an excuse to straighten up my craft room. I’m also feeling much more inspired when it comes to grocery shopping than I was last night. I ran by the store today after work and I vowed that it would be my last “run to the store without any specific plans”. I’m feeling good and motivated. Which is always a nice feeling.

2 thoughts on “The Bleubird Family

  1. Gorgeous picture. Good job. I'll have to check out their blog.
    Your 'no running to the store without specific plans' rule
    reminds me of that same rule I had with fabric.
    It ain't working out for me. Let me know how you do with it.

    • I have a new plan for your fabric! How about you donate it all to me when I come visit in June? *wink* Can't wait to see your new place!