Hipster Monkey

Yesterday was pretty great. I got to spend lots of time in my craft room with a good friend, talking about all sorts of random stuff and making mini hipster clothes for a sock monkey. Skinny jeans, a slouchy beanie, and a pair of mini Toms, that is going to be one well-dressed monkey!

And I realized that I need to spend more time down in my craft room. I’ve missed it! Getting to be all crafty yesterday made me want to try selling again. It’s been a long time since I’ve sold anything other than drawings. It’s hard to overcome the feeling that “you’re wasting your time, no one will buy your stuff.” But I shouldn’t let that stop me from trying. Right? One thing is for sure, I have been feeling extremely motivated lately and I’m loving it.

2 thoughts on “Hipster Monkey

  1. I want to see that sock monkey sporting his new wardrobe!
    Yeah. I know what you mean about that y.w.y.t.n.o.w.b.y.s. feeling.
    *sigh* Fight it! Fight it!

    • The monkey is done yet! Lindsay is making it for her sister and she needed some help with the outfit. I'll for sure post a picture when she's got it all done.

      y.w.y.t.n.o.w.b.y.s. – I like that!! I guess I'm just a sucker for acronyms. :)