March Wrap Up

March was sure a busy month, and a sick month… Not really the best combination for mental well-being. We are all in recovery mode around here, it just seems to be taking FOREVER. We are all just so done with whatever bug this is. It stinks being sick when it’s so beautiful outside!

I didn’t get much time for crafting this month. (When I haven’t been sick I’ve either been super busy with freelance work or on Pinterest. So addicting.) I crafted a cheesy little embroidery hoop, finished up a drawing and started a new one, and made some cute little hipster clothes for a sock monkey. Yup, that’s it. Kind of pathetic. My little hipster monkey craft night with Lindsay totally gave the right side of my brain a much needed kick start. And I realized how much I really do need to make some time for making.

365 Days Outside
It has been SO beautiful outside lately! We love going outside and enjoying spring. You know, I figured it would get easier to keep up with my Go Outside challenge once the weather warmed up, but what I didn’t realize was that it would be harder to take pictures! A lot of days I am having too much fun out there to remember my camera, so I end up just snapping a couple shots of the kids playing on the deck after dinner. Whatever works, right? We’ve been getting our garden ready, which is exciting!

This is the very last picture I took in March, and it could have been the very last picture I took with my Nikon D40x ever! Right after this picture Flynn decided to almost nose-dive off the chair, so I threw my camera on the table and ran to grab him. (He totally caught himself because he’s awesome.) Then Juniper took off running because she wanted to see the waterfall again. So I chased her of course. Then we started walking home. When we got to the house, Shaun says “Where’s your camera??” and my heart stopped! I just stared at him. He was all “Well, where is it?” and I was all “Where do you think it is?! DANG IT!!!” So he jumped in the car and drove back to the park, and luckily it was right where I left it. I would have been so sad if it had been stolen. Mostly because I would have lost all the photos on the card. AND because there is pretty much no way I could ever convince Shaun to let me buy a new one. Getting the one I have took LOTS of convincing and that was before we had kids!

So here’s to a fantastic April! Full of wellness and creative productivity!

2 thoughts on “March Wrap Up

  1. Lets start a weekly craft night to do random fun things! We can listen to music and make Craft Hope or your beanies. It will be good craft therapy for both of us! We can do dinner together and Ehren can watch the kids ;)

    • If Ehren doesn't mind watching the kids, I'm down for some crafty night fun! Shaun isn't working this coming Monday night. Ehren has class Monday though, right?