My Poor Camera

You may have noticed lately that my photos aren’t quite as nice as usual… Well, maybe you haven’t noticed. Maybe it’s all in my head. Just trust me though. Ever since my camera lens died a couple of weeks ago, I have been using my Nikon Coolpix. Which I love, it’s a great little camera. But it just doesn’t produce the same quality as my Nikon D40x, which I am missing hardcore.

We called the repair people, and they said it would cost $150 to fix the lens. A new one costs $100. We’re getting a new one. Of course, Shaun took this news as an opportunity to have a little fun with my broken lens! We took it apart and looked at its insides. I love taking things apart, by the way. And if it wasn’t broken already, it sure is now. It has been added to my craft room pile to be used in a future creative adventure.

We have already decided which new lens we are going to buy, we just have to make the purchase. I’m excited!

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