A Perfect Wednesday

Downtown Columbia is a pretty fun place to walk around. Oh, I’m sorry, I mean “The District”. (haha!) I left work a little early today and we drove downtown to check out Cool Stuff, a store that is going out of business. Which is a sad fact in case you were wondering! I think they should have named the store Awesome Random Stuff. They had a whole case of candy tins! I managed to only buy a few of them. Those anti-gravity mints crack me up and the rose flavored ones are actually quite good. Maybe when it is closer to their last day and things are more on sale I’ll go back and grab some of the other ones. We also bought a miniature deck of cards for some reason. Juniper found a pen shaped like an ice cream cone that we let her buy. And Flynn.. well, he wanted to eat everything in the store regardless of it’s editability.

Then we walked around for a while, hitting up a few more awesome stores. We finally found Poppy, browsed around in Blue Stem, saw a guy riding a 6ft tall unicycle down the road and made a stop at Slackers where I found pretty much the funniest album cover ever and left with a new record. By the time we got to the Alpine Shop, both the kids were pretty tired of it all so we started back to the car. When we got home, we went to a garage sale up the street and found a few fun things there as well. Then I made Crispy Cheddar Chicken for dinner. (The recipe is a definite keeper!)

I’d say it was a pretty good day.

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Wednesday

    • Yeah, it's a shop my husband grew up with but it's the first time I had gone. It's a fun place! Wish I had known about it sooner.