Bucket Hats

I’ve been working on more bucket hats for Laura. She gave me enough fabric to make 20 hats, and I might make a few more with more boy-ish prints. So far I’ve got twelve of them ALMOST done, and I’d like to finish them up and give them to Laura this Sunday. Lindsay came over one night last week and helped me sew a few. Even though her sewing machine machine was on the fritz the whole time, it was so much fun to have someone to sew with. Can’t wait to do it again.

I’ve been wanting to do a tutorial for these because they are so easy to sew up and they go to a great cause. But with my camera lens in Nikon heaven, I’ve been having trouble getting photos that are pretty enough for my liking. So today I set up my sewing machine on the deck so I could take decent pictures in the sun light! If there was a table on the deck I think I would sew out there more often! I just love being outside. I will have the tutorial ready to post as soon as I finish editing together the photos. Probably on Monday.

It feels so good to use my talents to serve others. Sometimes I get a little too wrapped up in my own issues and forget that. Speaking of service, Craft Hope just launched their next project! I’m excited to work on this one. I’ve already got the perfect fabric to use.