365 Days Outside > 96-100

Day 96
We didn’t get out much today. I still had a pretty bad headache from smacking my head on the cabinet door the night before. But I think it’s cute when Juniper sneaks out onto the deck and sits quietly by herself on the swing. She likes to practice her writing out there in the sunshine.
365 Days Outside

Day 97
Juniper and I went for a flower picking walk today. We found lots of wildflowers along the main road and had a little impromptu fishing adventure!
365 Days Outside

Day 98
Flynn and I spent some time on the deck today enjoying the evening before bedtime. He is the sweetest little man in the whole world and I love love love his kisses! Also, he is obsessed with glasses. Mostly mine, but sometimes I’m able to distract him with cheap kids sunglasses.
365 Days Outside

Day 99
It was a beautiful day outside today. So when I got home from work we decided to wash the car. Juniper had fun using the hose but she wasn’t a big fan of the sponge! (It was too squishy hahaha!) After the car was clean, Juniper put on her bathing suit and played in the water for a little while.
365 Days Outside

Day 100
One Hundred! I had planned on doing something big and fun for day 100, but it snuck up on me! We played ball in the front yard today and looked at all of the trees in our backyard. We discovered we have a big mulberry tree!! I’m excited!! There is another tree that I THINK might be cherries, but we’ll see. And the crab apple tree has tiny apples on it. That one is Juniper’s favorite.