We got two fun packages in the mail today. My new lens and little camera! I wasn’t going to buy a new camera lens for a while because I had my little green camera, which I love and in the right lighting takes great pictures. Then the screen cracked… I was super bummed because I don’t even know when or how it happened. Lame, huh?

So I went ahead and ordered a new lens for the D40x. We found a pretty good deal for it on Amazon. That same day I found a really good deal on a new used Coolpix on Ebay so I bought that too! I now have both my cameras back and it’s great.

What can I say, I’m a Nikon girl through and through :)

2 thoughts on “Cameras

    • Ha! I didn't even notice that! That shirt says "Necessity is the mother of invention. McGyver is the father."