365 Days Outside > 101-106

Day 101
This picture cracks me up. Juniper spent the night at Oma and Opa’s house, and she picked these flowers for Oma from their garden. (She didn’t want her picture taken, can you tell?) She also brought me home a nice big bag of asparagus. Mmmm!
365 Days Outside

Day 102
Juniper came home from Oma’s house with some fishing poles that Opa is letting her use! He even put together a tackle box for her. It was starting to rain a little, but that didn’t stop Juniper and Daddy from playing with the poles a little. They had fun casting off the deck, and Shaun MIGHT have gotten the line stuck in a tree.
365 Days Outside

Day 103
We went to Hermann for a visit today and stopped by the lake to play with the fishing poles some before we headed home. There was a lot of fence climbing and cow pattie avoiding going on! Juniper kept saying to watch out for “the creepy mud”, I didn’t bother explaining to her that it was cow poop haha!
365 Days Outside

Day 104
Juniper and I started a little landscaping project today. There is a little garden in our front yard by the road that is very overgrown. we started pulling up the weeds while Flynn sat on a blanket nearby. Then we all hung out for a while enjoying the nice breeze.
365 Days Outside

Day 105
Today I packed up a picnic dinner and we went for a walk. The plan was to walk down to the water fontain by the shops on Cherry Hill, but there was a little league game going on so we stopped and watched that instead! Juniper really wanted to join in the game. I told her maybe when she was bigger. She rode in the basket of the stroller the whole way home.
365 Days Outside

Day 106
When Shaun was mowing the lawn today, he found what seems to be a bunch of strawberries growing under the deck! I was taking pictures of them and Juniper wanted a turn so I let her use my little camera if she promised to be extra careful. I love how much she enjoys taking pictures.
365 Days Outside

One thought on “365 Days Outside > 101-106

  1. 101 Cute how she's hiding so you can't take her picture.
    102 Fishing off the deck with Daddy; what can be cooler than that?
    103 Creepy mud! *hysterical laughter*
    104 I love the shot of Flynn digging up the grass.
    105 Kids are funny. That look SO uncomfortable, but it's so cool! (in her eyes I bet)
    106 I just love those photos of Juniper taking pictures. That's awesome!
    (Be glad for digital! She can practice all she wants for free!)