Heart Shorts

I made these shorts for Juniper a couple of years ago when she was itty bitty. There was a matching shirt too. The shirt fit her great, the shorts… not so much! They were enormous! I just found the outfit in a box while I was organizing my craft room the other night. I had forgotten all about them, but it turns out the shorts fit her perfectly now! Of course, the matching shirt is tiny. Oh well! She loves her new shorts, even two years later. I’ll take a picture of the matching shirt sometime so you can see the awesomely girly skull fabric I used.


2 thoughts on “Heart Shorts

  1. Children often go back a size or two once they lose the diaper butt!
    It's cool that she can enjoy these shorts again.
    I remember my Mom taking summer clothes out
    and being so excited about one little sun suit.
    Funny, the things we remember, eh?
    *grin* If you happen to have a scrap of the leftover fabric,
    you can stick it on an old tee and she can have a new outfit!

    • That's a good idea! I bet I could totally make her a shirt that will fit from the old shirt if I add more fabric!