A Thank You Letter

So, I don’t often talk about my work work on here. I typically like to focus more on non-work related happenings. But a couple of exciting work-related things have been happening and I thought I’d share. First of all, the wheels have started turning for me to have a full-time position where I have been working part-time since December. It isn’t official yet, they need to get approval before they can make me an offer. But we’re hoping it goes through because it will open up more time for us to spend together as a family. I know what you’re thinking, how is working full-time going to give us more family time? Well, if I have a good job Shaun can cut down his night job hours and actually be home in the evenings. And that is pretty exciting! So our prayers are definitely in favor of full-time.

Also, a while back I designed a marketing flyer for Little Me Tea that had a few custom logos on it. They are pretty simple, but Melinda liked them so much she decided to put them on the new packaging for Little Me Tea! I think it’s neat that something I illustrated is going to be on a product package in stores. Melinda recently sent us some Little Me Tea and Juniper was pretty excited, she likes the grape one best. (Flynn is also a new fan.) Juniper wanted to send Melinda a thank you letter (Okay okay, it was my idea.) so she wrote one all by herself and drew a picture of her with a cup of juice. We put a stamp on it and she put it in the mailbox. She was a little upset that the mailman didn’t come right away to take it, but I promised that they would come tomorrow.

On a side note, I LOVE Juniper’s drawings. She recently drew pictures of each of us that I’m planning on framing. I’ll share them as soon as I do, they are so stinking cute.

2 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter

  1. That picture IS stinking cute! Go figger. Juniper drew it!
    Are these pictures she drew anything like the one Tesha drew
    that showed you pregnant? She totally outed you that time!
    Hmmm. Did I just make that up?
    It did have a boy baby in you, but had you already announced it?
    You know how I love harassing you. You can delete this of course.