365 Days Outside > 114-120

Day 114
Today was pretty great. We spent the day at Ehren and Lindsay’s house for a BBQ celebrating Ehren’s graduation. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, we got to see lots of friends and family, and all of the kids were in good moods all day! It was fun watching the littles run and dance and play.

Day 115
For Mothers Day we went to Oma’s house for a visit after church. And you can’t go to Oma’s house without walking around the garden and looking for flowers with Trevor. Juniper picked some daisies.

Day 116
A little bit of berry picking and some sword fighting makes for a fun end to a long day.

Day 117
Shaun tilled the garden plot today! One step closer to getting it planted. It’s a nice size garden and we’re excited to see if we can grow anything there. (Our last “gardening” attempt was a complete failure. Darn you Florida hahah) The kids decided that it would be fun to throw the dirt around. It was adorable how much they were giggling, but they were sure DIRTY when we went inside! And Flynn’s hair being so blonde, you could see every speck of dirt on his head!

Day 118
I think these are the funniest pictures of Juniper and I that we’ve taken in a long time. We relaxed on the deck for a while tonight after dinner, and then we spent some time pulling weeds in the front yard. We got a lot done, but there is so much more to do! Our neighbors came by for a visit. They have a little girl a little older than Juniper. We chatted while the girls ran around playing tag and hide-n-seek. As it got darker, the fireflies came out! They were fun to chase.

Day 190
While we were playing in the back yard today, a hot air balloon flew by! It was so low we could talk to the people in it! Definitely caught us by surprise. I’m glad my camera turned on in time to snap a quick picture. (Have I mentioned how much I love hot air balloons?)

Day 120
It’s official. We have a garden! We planted about half of the plot this evening with tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, green beans and mustard greens. We are planning on planted some peppers, peas and watermelon tomorrow. Maybe some other things too. I also planted a mini herb garden in a pot on the deck.

One thought on “365 Days Outside > 114-120

  1. Looks like a fun picnic!
    I love the little black dress.
    I think you got a few unripe berries there!
    I love Flynn's orange and blue suit!
    Funny faces! (yours too)
    I love hot air balloons too. Riding one's on my bucket list.
    Your kids are so cute! Good luck with the garden.
    I had no luck gardening in Florida either!
    Darned Florida.