Ice Cream Cupcakes!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day today. Our whole weekend was full of family-fun, the best kind of fun. I’m pretty exhausted. And yet for some reason, I’m still awake at 1:00am and I decided that I should post these awesome cupcakes before heading to bed. I seriously need to work on my internal clock settings…

I made these for our family reunion on Sunday. I got the idea from My Cake School and they were totally fun to make! And easy too! I’ll definitely make them again sometime. I had a bit of frosting drama though. I can never get my homemade frosting to not be too runny. I guess I just need more practice. I’m sure no one in this house will complain if I make more cupcakes.

They were a big hit, every one thought they were adorable. And we only had to bring a few home.

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