I am in love with these two kids. Even when they drive me crazy all day, once they are in asleep in bed I usually just sit at the computer and look at pictures and videos of them and think about how much I love them. And I am totally biased, but you’ve got to admit, they are pretty dang cute. I think it is so funny that we had to bribe Juniper with TWO lollipops to get her to kiss Flynn in that top picture! And it turned out so good! Stefanie definitely did a good job capturing that fleeting moment. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post focused just on these two, so I thought it was about time to fix that. I want to remember every little detail about these tiny humans!


This girl definitely has a lot of character. She is either super happy or extremely upset, there really isn’t much of a middle ground. (She totally gets that from me.) She is constantly saying the absolute funniest stuff. Today at the park, a man playing basketball took his shirt off and she yelled “He’s getting naked and he has BIG boobies!” And when we were getting ready to eat dinner she was walking around the dining room saying “I. Am. Helping. Mommy. Beep booop beep.” in a very impressive robotic voice. I asked her if she was a robot and she looked at me and said “No. Mommy. I am JUNIPER. Beep.” Ha! She loves anything with princesses, Tinkerbell, or My Little Pony. Oh, and dinosaurs. She does NOT like sleeping in the dark (or sleeping at all lately) and gets very upset if she can’t think of the word she wants to say. Which is adorable by the way. Every single morning, Juniper walks into our room and in the cutest sleepy kid voice says, “Mommy, the moon is down and the sun is up. Time for get up.”

I love how when we are driving in the car she always tells me “Red means stop and green means GO GO GO!” And I love having singing-conversations with her. (You know, when you sing everything you say instead of just saying it.) Heck I just love having conversations with her! It amazes me how smart she is. I miss tiny baby Juniper lots, but big girl Juniper is SO MUCH FUN.


Flynn is my serious child. He always looks so calm and collected in his photos! He is a super silly little boy though, and I love his laugh. He loves anything with wheels that he can push, stealing his sister’s ponies when she isn’t around, and throwing dirt. He’s not so fond of being held, he’d rather be down walking around with everyone else. Of course, if you let him walk around he never ever goes in the same direction as everyone else and you have to go chase after him. Most of the time he heads for the nearest dirt. He’s a boy all right. He thinks his belly button is the funniest thing ever, and gives THE best slobbery open mouth kisses. He isn’t talking much, just the typical “mamamamama dadadadadada bababababa” baby lingo. Sometimes he’ll say “Wow!”, or at least that’s what it sounds like to me. Sleeping through the night is definitely not one of his talents, he’s still waking up 2-4 times.

I love how when he cuddles with me he still seems like a little baby, even though he’s enormous. And I love how when I ask him for a kiss and he doesn’t want to give me one, he’ll stick his little cheek in my direction with this look on his face like “Fine, you can kiss me. But don’t expect a big reaction.” He’s a handsome little man, and I love watching him grow up!

4 thoughts on “Kids

  1. I love ALL of the photos.
    I think my favorite is the one of Juniper looking over her shoulder.
    SOOO CUTE! But then, they're ALL so cute!
    I hope when they're teens, they don't rip your heart out!

    • Oh Juniper is totally going to be a heart breaker. My heart mostly. She's already got quite an attitude! But she's a sweetie so hopefully it won't be too bad hahaha I figure if I prepare myself for it now I'll be ready :)

      I ordered prints yesterday and I can't wait to get them!!

  2. Oh my GOSH they are the cutest. Seriously. Juniper just gets cuter and more beautiful every time I see her! And I'm pretty sure Flynn's EYES get bigger every time I see him. Yup, it's official – you have some good-looking offspring. You should make lots more :)

    • And Juniper gets more obsessed with you every time we see you! Ha! She still often requests the Julie song as soon as we get in the car. And Flynn looks like Shaun, but he gets his abnormally large eyes from he :) I don't know if the world can handle more of my ridiculously good looking off spring hahaha!

      PS I miss you! But that's nothing new :)