A Drawing for Sadie Dear

Yes, another drawing! I have been having so much fun with all of the drawings I have been working on. I finished this one up last night. It’s for Sadie Dear over at Brambles & Honey. Isn’t that little boy adorable?? I love his little face. Curly hair is a challenge, but BLONDE curly hair? Oh man, that is some tricky stuff! I think this picture is adorable though, and it’ll make a great Father’s Day gift. And just so you know, this is one of the two bloggers I’m working with for giveaways! I’ll have more details soon!

I have three more drawings that I need to start working on. Two are wedding gifts and one is an art exchange. And I’m planning on doing a few 5×7 drawings as well. But those ones are more for fun. (And so I can have some smaller samples of work.) But first I should take one night to finish up my craft room, because it is SO close to being done. So close.

2 thoughts on “A Drawing for Sadie Dear

  1. Thank you so much, lady! You really got my boys down: I love it! I can't wait to get it. =) Xoxoxo (and so sorry it took so long to get over here! Buckaroo has been a handful this week.)…

    • I'm glad you love it :) And I totally understand about crazy kids, I can't seem to get anything done this week! I'll be mailing this tomorrow!