There are some exciting things going on around here.

This Saturday, the kids and I will be flying to CT for a couple of weeks! I AM SO EXCITED! I love going home to visit. I am a little bit sad that Shaun won’t be joining us, but I know he’ll be enjoying his own kid-free vacation at home. Plus, he’ll be helping out at Scout Camp one of the weeks so he’ll be having lots of fun too! I’m not sure how I feel about flying with two small kids by myself… Last time I did that, I was carrying one of them in my belly so it doesn’t really count.

My full time position was approved! I will be officially starting on July 9th, after I get back from my vacation. A huge weight has been lifted from my mind! I’ll write more about this whole thing another day.

I bought some new fabric the other day. I almost never let myself even look at fabric, because I have so much already and well, my money-tree is quiet small. Plus, I’m going “fabric shopping” at my mom’s house while I’m in CT next week!! (She has boxes and boxes, I’m sure she won’t miss a few yards!) But I couldn’t resist the clearance section at Walmart. These were all $1 a yard! I’ve got some ideas for projects, but mostly I just like to look at them folded all pretty on my fabric shelf.

We also bought me a new bike!! It’s super spiffy and rides so smooth. I’ve been riding a lot lately, trying to build myself up to making the 5 mile trip to work. There are just SO many hills here, my poor legs are so numb when I’m finished riding. Eventually I’ll get there though. We’re still hoping to find a used bike trailer for the kids, but we might break down and buy a new one.

I’ve been a little obsessed with making hair bows lately. And Juniper has been obsessed with stealing them all. They’re such a cute way to use up my fabric scraps, and I almost always have a bow in my hair anyway so now I have more variety! Or I could wear them all at once.

4 thoughts on “Excitements

  1. That sure is a pretty picture of a plane! You took it?
    I can't wait to see you!
    That's an awful pretty bike! That's the kind I like.
    The bows are cute. I kind of like them together.
    Like I said, I can't wait to see you!

    • No I didn't take the photo of the plane, there is this wonderful thing called stock photography! hahaha I'm so excited to come see your little apartment in the woods!