365 Days Outside > 134-141

Day 134
Art in the Park! My new favorite event. We had so much fun walking around looking at all of the artwork. I left feeling super inspired! Juniper had a fun time in the kid area. She made a spider from clay and colored a puzzle. I’m thinking about doing a booth here next year. But even if I chicken out and don’t do it, we’ll definitely be going again!

Day 135
A few days ago we picked up some bikes from my Mother-in-law’s house, and today we decided to give them a try. The one I had claimed needs quite a bit of love and we couldn’t get it working, so I took Shaun’s old bike for a ride instead. It could definitely use some tuning up too, but I biked 4 miles! (My goal is to bike to work, which is 5 miles.) When I got back home, I found Juniper fast asleep on our sidewalk. She looked so comfy!

Day 136
Daddy took the kids back to the little park near our house while I was at work today. And he even remembered to snap a few pictures for me! Turns out it isn’t that bad of a walk! Once we get the bikes going, it will be an easy ride to the playground. NICE. Juniper was a little sad that there weren’t any other kids there today.

Day 137
We all walked over to the little park again today, but my camera’s battery was dead when we got there so I didn’t take any pictures. We had a good time though, and I found some raspberry bushes growing near a river we pass on the way. The berries weren’t ripe yet, but I’ll be checking on them next time! After dinner we hung out on the back deck, and Juniper cracked me up with her impressions of our faces in this family picture I had printed up. Flynn’s face is the best.

Day 138
After Flynn was in bed for the night, Juniper and I spent some time in the back yard kicking the ball around. She pretty much thinks I’m the most amazing ball-kicker ever by the way.

Day 139
Juniper and I had popcicles for breakfast this morning on the deck before I left for work. We made them by chopping up peaches, bananas, kiwi, raspberries, and blueberries and then adding just a tiny bit of juice. I love how they turned out. So tasty, fun and healthy too!

Day 140
While Dad watered the garden this evening (it seriously needs to rain, by the way) the kids and I played in the water that sprays everywhere whenever we use our awesome hose. Juniper ran back and forth while Flynn splashed and giggled. They were both sad, and very wet, when it was time to turn off the water.

Day 141
We stopped at the park by the store while we were running errands today. This park is awesome, except there is NO shade and it was super sunny today. The kids had fun though. Flynn went down the slide all by himself! And then went down again and again and again. I think he’s a fan.

One thought on “365 Days Outside > 134-141

  1. 134 Arts in the Park looked fun! Will you be here for Arts in the Park, Bristol?
    135 I bet that side walk was nice and toasty warm!
    136 LOVE the colors! Nice shots, Dad!
    137 What an amazing face maker! She should hire out for that!
    138 I always liked that my daughters could kick some mad balls.
    139 Those look like some ROCKIN popcicles!
    140 Well, at least the wasted water didn't go to waste!
    141 I love that Shaun is so close to the kids!
    You guys rock!