Traveling With Kids

Well, we made it to Connecticut! I semi-successfully flew across the country with two small kids in tow. And I will never do it again. Ever. But now I can say that I did and that is pretty cool I guess. I was so nervous about the trip that I started getting nauseous on the way to the airport.

Juniper did a really good job. She carried her little pink suitcase all by herself and stuck right by me in the airport. She was REALLY excited about going on the plane. When the plane started taxiing to the runway, Juniper screamed “It’s driving! The plane is driving like a car!!” She also thought the clouds were quite awesome, as well as all of the tiny little houses.

Flynn on the other hand… wasn’t so great. (Aren’t those pictures lovely?) Five minutes into the flight he threw up all over me and then proceeded to scream the rest of the way. He’s not a fan of flying I guess. And it wasn’t just crying, it was flailing-kicking-purpleface-screaming. There were a few moments where he was calm and I thought he might fall asleep, but no love. It was fun for sure.

The best thing that happened on the whole trip was that the gate for our connecting flight was RIGHT NEXT to the gate we arrived in. That never happens! We usually have to run 4 miles to get to our next plane. I was so glad that it was the next one over! Gave us plenty of time to go to the bathroom and grabs some oh so healthy airport snacks.

It is so nice to be home, visiting with all of my siblings and their kids. There were a LOT of little ones at the house today. Lots of little girls running around, and Flynn the lone grandson. I’m planning on raiding my mom’s fabric stash tonight and I might do some sewing downstairs. Oh! And I bought a new camera lens tonight! Yes, another new one… I feel really bad about breaking the other new one, so I have been putting off ordering another one. But I just can’t be around this many cute kids without wanting to take nice pictures! I’m pretty excited to get it.

Well, it’s time to attempt to get the kids to go to sleep. There is to much to do at Mima’s house! They don’t ever want to sleep!!