It’s not really a secret that I have the coolest little sister ever. I have a lot of sisters, but Tesha is definitely pretty awesome. She’s always been my little, tiny, sweetie. Even though she’s given me countless bloody noses, and always calls me Crinkle, I love this girl. Well, today my sweet baby sister is no longer a little girl! Today she is an 18-year-old high school graduate! Go Tesha!!! (She got to graduate on her birthday. How cool is that??)

It’s so fun to see her grown up. She is still quite tiny though! I think that’s probably the thing I regret the most about moving far away from my immediate family, not being there while she grew up. That is why I for sure had to come out to Connecticut for her graduation!! I love this lady. There is so much that the doctors always said she would never be able to do, and look at her now! She has come so far, and I’m excited to see her enter into this new chapter of her life. (Even if I have to do it from a distance.)

I’m glad my new camera lens came in time for me to take some nice pictures of her all dressed up in her cap and gown before the ceremony. (Which was outside, and it was HOT.) Isn’t she beautiful?! I am so proud of my Tesha.

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