Forgotten Artwork

While I was in CT visiting my family, I came across a few old pieces of artwork that I had either completely forgotten about or not seen for a long time. This first drawing falls under the ‘completely forgotten’ category. It’s two of my brothers, and I drew it for my older brother for Christmas I think, a long time ago. He had it on one of the shelves in his studio. That second one is a beauty, done with pen and nail polish. Yep, nail polish. It is quite a shiny “painting”. That one is hanging at the Wargo house (Julie‘s parents), right next to their front door. And the last one is a classic. My friend Sara surprised me with that when I got to see her last week. I drew it for her when we were in high school.


Hanging out with my family always inspires me to be more creative. I really enjoyed looking at all of the paintings in my brother’s studio and talking to my sister about various art projects. I really want to work on some sort of collaboration with them, too bad I live so far away! Maybe we can plan something for our next trip. We’ll most likely go back again next July. Tonight I started experimenting with watercolors, which is really exciting for me. Hopefully I don’t royally screw it up :)

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Artwork

  1. Oooh watercolor.. good luck! I always want to be effortless about it but it always takes careful planning! haha I love your old art- I really need to go through some of mine. That is totally Russ and Allan, right??

    • I think my biggest challenge with watercolor is being patient enough to let it dry completely before I work on another layer! Its actually Allyn and my brother Lauren, it was an old photo from when Allyn was tiny. But all of my brothers look alike :)