365 Days Outside > 158-164

Day 158
We arrived at our camp site in Ohio today. The kids were so glad to get out of the van. My sister brought some glow sticks and we had a little dance party in the driveway.

Day 159
Our camp site had a water faucet right next to it, and the kids pretty much played in the water all day. They washed off everything they could grab, regardless of its cleanliness. Flynn was so worn out from the morning, that he fell asleep pretty much as soon as we started driving.

Day 160
We made it back to Missouri! And it is HOT. We decided to find some indoors entertainment today, so we went to Going Bonkers. That place definitely lives up to its name, the kids went crazy in there. I will definitely be going back again, I got quite a workout! (Doesn’t my phone take beautiful pictures? haha)

Day 161
It was ultra-hot again today so we decided to head to Stephens Lake Park. They have a fun splash park and a nice beach. Once again, we’ll definitely be making the trip here again, probably quite a few times this summer.

Day 162
Happy 4th of July! Oma had us over for dinner today, and Opa set up his sprinkler for the kids to cool off a bit before we ate. After dinner, we headed downtown to watch the fireworks.

Day 163
My sister left this morning, I miss her already! Shaun was not feeling well today, so after work I grabbed the kids and went back to Stephens Lake. The sun was starting to set, so there was plenty of shade. It was still 100+ degrees in the shade, but at least the sun wasn’t in our eyes!

Day 164
I was sitting at my desk today, photoshopping birthday hats onto dogs and cats (Don’t I have the best job?) when my manager came over and handed me a box of sparklers, some bandaids and a pen. They were gifts from HR! Juniper was REALLY excited when I showed up with such fun goodies. Does anyone else have kids who all of a sudden have booboos as soon as they see bandaids?

One thought on “365 Days Outside > 158-164

  1. I love the dance party shots – especially the one with ghost kids!
    Good thing they decided to clean everything rather than making MUD!
    Going Bonkers looks like SO much fun!
    Junipers golden fingernails are cute but my favorite shot of all
    is Flynn's evil look where he's holding that hose!
    Yay for freebies!