Watercolor Silhouette

I had been talking with Chelsey from The Paper Mama about doing a custom drawing for her, and she had the idea of doing some silhouettes instead of a pencil drawing. I jumped at the chance to try something new! I wanted to do something with a little color, and I’ve been dying to experiment with the watercolors I bought last month on a whim. I have always admired people who are good at watercolor. I tried once, and failed pretty fantastically. I think the hardest part is being patient enough for each layer to dry before working on it some more!

I was looking through my vacation photos and I found a perfect side shot of my adorable niece Piper. I created the silhouette in Photoshop and used that as a reference for the painting. I messed up her nose though, it turned out a little larger than it should be. Overall though I love how it turned out and I can’t wait to do some more! I took some side shots of Juniper and Flynn today for my next paintings. I’m thinking I’ll try something new for the background on my next ones.

I need to buy a finer tip paint brush. Or would it be totally cheating it I just used a pen on the fine lines?

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