365 Days Outside > 170-175

Day 170
I kicked Shaun out out of bed bright and early and made him drive across town to buy a bike trailer at a yard sale. It was only $10! I didn’t want someone else to get it first! We took our first family bike trip later that afternoon and both kids had a blast. We’re planning on doing this every Saturday.

Day 171
We are big fans of bubbles around here. I took the kids out on the deck tonight while Dad made dinner and we had a bubble dance party.

Day 172
After work today I grabbed the kids and went to the park so Dad could have a break. Both kids conquered the gigantic slide, and I gave it a go as well. Neither of them wanted to go home.

Day 173
We had dinner out today to celebrate Daddy’s birthday, and afterwards we hit up the park again. Juniper wanted to show Daddy all of the slides (Seriously, there are like 30 slides there.) and I brought our new beach toys for Flynn to play with in the sand.

Day 174
I am convinced that the best way to entertain two small kids is with a couple of buckets of water. The kids had fun splashing around on the deck, and it entertained them each for a good 20 minutes.

Day 175
Before we went to the store, we let Flynn run around in the front yard for a while. I’m sad that everything in our yard is dead. (Except for the weeds of course…) It looks like it’s late October, except that it’s 108° outside… The forecast says it’s finally supposed to rain next week, but I’ll believe it when I’m soaked to the bones from jumping in puddles.

4 thoughts on “365 Days Outside > 170-175

  1. COOL trailer! Sweet score!

    Bubbles ROCK (till they spill and make everyone cry)

    You're the best, Mommy!

    Happy Birthday, Shaun! (a little late)

    Did they pour the buckets over each other in the end? No? Well, they're young yet. *wink*

    Wow. All those dead leaves in July? Scary!

    • I've been wanting a trailer for months! I'm SO glad we found a cheap one, I was about to give in and buy a new one for $100+!

      And yeah, it hasn't rained in a couple of months, and it's been over 100° almost every day since I left for CT :(

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by famiglia&seoul! It's wonderful to get in touch with another Mama out there who is getting outside each and every day. :) My little guy loves a bucket of water, too. That's all he needs to have some fun. I love the bubble dance party idea. Can't wait to explore your blog!

    • I'm glad I came across you! I've already found so many great ideas on your website :) Like you said, it's great to see others with the same goals.