{Memories} Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox

I took the kids to the library yesterday when I got home from work to give Dad a break since he hasn’t been feeling well. It was kind of amazing how well-behaved they were! Juniper whispered the entire time and cleaned up the toys whenever she moved on to something else. And Flynn didn’t try to eat any books. It was like I had entered the Twilight Zone. When it was time to leave, Flynn had a meltdown and screamed for 30 minutes. That’s more like it.

So, while I was following my eerily quiet cuties around the children’s section, I found this book ” Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox ” by Grace MacCarone. Now here is a book that I will never forget! When I was in first grade, which seems like 100 years ago, we had a huge chicken pox outbreak. Every one in my class ended up getting it. So one day, while a handful of kids were home sick, my teacher decided to read us this book. The next week, one of the boys who had been out for days and days was back in school and I said to him “You had the itchy itchy chicken pox!!”, mimicking my teacher’s singsong voice when she read the story. And every single person in the room just stared at me like they thought I was crazy. I was SO so so embarrassed… It was one of those back-away-slowly-and-hope-they-forget-you-exist type of moments. And you know, half of them were probably absent when she read that book so I don’t blame them for thinking I was insane.

I also got the chicken pox that year. I stayed home from school on a Friday, and marched around my Grandma’s basement for hours singing “This is the song that never ends” (I’m sure my mom just LOVED that.) But come Monday, the pox were all gone and I went back to school. No one believed me that I had even had them. Which I guess just added to their conclusions that I must be crazy. *sign*

6 thoughts on “{Memories} Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox

  1. It sounds like a fun book.
    Poor Melody has the chicken pox right now!
    She and her Dad never got them as kids!
    I hear they're much worse as an adult.
    Poor Melody.

  2. It's so cool that you remember this so vividly! My childhood memories seem so blurred. But I do remember having chicken pox- my sister got them at the same time (but much worse than me). And the smell of the calamine lotion.

    • I have a really good memory I guess :) A couple of years ago I tried to write a biography of sorts, I wanted to see if I could write down every single thing I remember from my childhood! I have no idea what happened to that document.

  3. LOL This cracked me up… "back away slowlyyyy" haha! You are so cute. I have vague memories of this book but I definitely remember it! I can't imagine having a child with chicken pox… ahhhh!

    • I'm glad you find my social awkwardness humorous hahaha! :) Juniper had a bunch of red spots on her legs a few months back but luckily it just ended up being bug bites! It's going to stink if they ever get them.