My Favorite Place


Our back deck has always been one of my very favorite places. We’ve made so many fun memories out there since we bought the house. It’s where many of my favorite photos were snapped. (Mostly of them blowing bubbles because kids make hilarious faces while they’re blowing bubbles!)

This year, we started a small potted garden with some flowers, peas, and cherry tomatoes. And daisies! I’ve been trying to grow daisies for years, and I finally got some to sprout!! And we bought a little inflatable kiddie pool as a way to entertain the kids while I work from home this summer. I can bring my laptop upstairs and keep an eye on them while they splash around.

Now if only we could find a way to keep mosquitos and wasps away… Juniper is all of a sudden TERRIFIED of bees this summer, and everything sets her off. She is afraid to go in the grass, because if there is grass there might be flowers, and if there are flowers there might be bees. She’s gotten a little bit better about it. Now she’ll walk super carefully through the grass, saying quietly to herself, “I’m not scared.” It’s actually pretty cute.


And these photos were just screaming, “MAKE ME A GIF!” Flynn has got some pretty epic dance moves. He totally reminds me of that dancing baby gif that was huge way back in the 90s.